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After an obsessed childhood of anything war related, at the age of 16, I joined the British Army as an Infantryman, serving in The 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment. After 2 active tours, and postings to Germany, The United States, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, I went out into the big wide world, becoming ensnared in Sales management. But my heart was still in the military.


With many of my family serving in the military during WW2, including participation in the D Day landings, I never seemed to be too far away from my passion. That passion would become reinvigorated when I visited the open air museum, that is the Normandy Battlefield, with friends in 1998. This would eventually lead to our permanent move to the heart of the Normandy Battlefield in 2003.


dale booth2Since 2004 I have been working as a Battlefield guide in Normandy. With an insatiable hunger for , knowledge of both the D Day landings and the many inland battles of Normandy,  my depth and knowledge would eventually lead to becoming a published D Day author, with the book “Following in the footsteps of hero’s”.




Here is a link to my book that I am co-author of. You may find it an interesting read whether you are visiting Normandy alone or with a guide.book


On the 14th May 2016, Dale had the pleasure of taking Rick Steves out on a full day tour. During the day Dale guided Rick around the American sector sites. Also working together to verify and clarify the contents of his Normandy travel guide with regards to many of the D Day sites. Dale has worked with Rick Steves, as a company, since 2004 and will hopefully be able to support them for many years to come.



If you would like to experience a day where “history and passion come together as one”, I can offer you a wide selection of tours.